Monday 8 August 2016

The trusty Adana is all fired up!

The Adana is oiled and all fired up and I've been making some book-club inspired greeting cards. 

These will be added to card stocks for book and art fairs for the coming months. Next, designing Christmas cards . . .

Thursday 4 August 2016

A cup of Tea ? . .

Beneficence was made, got wrapped, and then accompanied me to a number of book fairs were it was well received (I'm glad to say).

Beneficence, of a person generous or doing good, which is often what is happening when we offer friends a cup of tea. And what I'm trying to achieve by using various, and bright colours, for the covers is to connect with feelings of warmth and optimism.

For various reasons (if you're curious please visit my old blog) I haven't posted any blogs in over a year, but now Teacup Press is back, although I still do need to build a studio!

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