Monday, 4 February 2019

Oxford Artweeks 2019

The 2019 Oxfordshire Artweeks festival guide is here!

Not long now before you can come and visit amazing art in hundreds of wonderful places. There are village trails to follow, city streets to explore and galleries and gardens across the county of Oxfordshire where you will find something inspiring and fresh.

Choosing from hundreds of different artists, visit their homes and studios to see work which will vary from the traditional to the contemporary, with printmaking and painting, from furniture to fashion, showing silverware, sculpture, mosaics and more, there's lots to go and see and it's free!

Oxford City                Sat 4th May - Sun 12th May
South Oxfordshire     Sat11th May - Sun 12th May
North Oxfordshire     Sat18th May - Sun 27th May

And some of us make books . . . these images are from work made in Shetland, inspired by the local birds while staying at the Bressay lighthouse.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Stony Stories

I took part in a workshop at Rabley Drawing Centre some years back where I made a series of photographs of collected stones that at the time I didn't use and so, the stones in question joined my Stony Stash.

Why do we pick up pebbles on a walk or at the beach? . . .

What prompts us to take them home as a keepsake? . . . 

For generations and across cultures stones have been used as markers; to indicate paths and trails, and  to indicate a visit when placing a small stone on a grave to show respect and recall the past.

It struck me that it may be a very ancient thing that stones are frequently used as talismans to our memories, and that when a child picks up a stone today, to take home, they are following a very long line of pebble collectors.
Fast forward ten or so years and I found myself handling those stones, they look beautiful, and remembering the photographs and the workshop I'd enjoyed taking part in, making memories that resulted in a book. 

Stony Stories, is about remembering, and retaining a connectedness to a shared past, and so, prompted by pebbles that I have picked up on my travels over the years which I've kept like lucky charms and, by the stones that my children have picked up and given to me, I created a book about the memories that simple stones can evoke.

Monday, 7 January 2019

One of a kind - Wedding Guest signature book

I love making a unique wedding guest book. It's always one-of-a-kind as no two couples are alike, and I enjoy the insight it gives me to the couple, particularly when they chose the text to run along the bottom of each page.

Transferring the design and cutting the block for the end papers.
I still need to hang drying racks in the studio . . .  consequently my bookshelves are regularly commandeered for drying purposes!
Endpapers sewn into the book
In this instance the text running along the bottom of each page is September, by Earth Wind and Fire.

I remember when it was released in 1978 (hazy memories of discos and platform shoes) suffice it to say the couple that chose these lyrics wouldn't be even a gleam in their daddy's eye for at least another ten years!

Oxford Artweeks 2019

The 2019 Oxfordshire Artweeks festival guide is here ! Not long now before you can come and visit amazing art in hundreds of wonderful pla...